A Handweaver's Pattern Book
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A Handweaver's Pattern Book

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A Handweaver’s Pattern Book – Revised Edition
With Marguerite Davison

A modern handbook of four-harness patterns for weavers of all types, whether amateur or professional.

Contains three hundred and forty-five threading directions ranging from simple twills to complicated techniques. All are small patterns which may be woven on a sixteen inch warp if so desired, except one chapter of very large patterns. Each design is given many treadlings. These are illustrated with over twelve hundred weavings and personally made. Directions are set down in a simple diagram.

While the number of patterns is extensive, it is not exhaustive. It will serve to stimulate the inventive weaver, but gives a large amount of materials from which the average weaver may draw information than has ever before been presented. Where weavers have been given the impression that a complicated loom was necessary for some types of work, this puts no bounds to the field open to the weaver who uses a table loom, or any other type of four-harness loom.

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