Ashford's 48" Rigid Heddle Loom & Stand
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Ashford's 48" Rigid Heddle Loom & Stand

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  • Manufacturer: Ashford Spinning Wheels & Looms
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Ashford's 48" Rigid Heddle Loom & Stand

The rigid heddle is a great introduction to hand weaving but is also very versatile. Create beautiful and unique garments and home ware. With colour and texture weave unique fabrics or with pick-up sticks create beautiful designs. The loom can also make woven tapestries and wall hangings.

Made from Silver Beech hardwood the loom is very strong and robust. At 48" this loom is large and we at Fibre Detours highly recommend you use it with its intend stand.

Included in the Rigid Heddle Loom Kit:

  • 7.5dpi (30/10) reed
  • threading hook
  • 2 shuttles
  • warping peg & clamp
  • A step by step instruction booklet.
  • The Second Heddle Kit is included with an extra 7.5dpi reed; Because what good is the Kit if you don't have the reed to use it!

If you are considering buying yarn to go with your new loom I'd recommend Ashford's 8-ply Tekapo. It works very well in the 7.5 dpi reeds that comes with your loom.

The second heddle kit gives gives extra versatility to this loom. Enabling you to not only create beautiful textures but you can make projects which are double the size of your weaving width. That's right, your projects can be 96" wide!

If you'd like to weave with Cotton or Cottolin instead, you will need to purchase either a 10 or 12.5 dpi reed to ensure you get the proper set for your weaving. This depends on the yarn you choose. If you have any questions, please contact Samantha, I'm here to help.



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