Brown 8/2 Cotton 227g cone

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Brown - Cotton 8/2 Weaving Yarn 1/2lb cone, 3360 YPP

These cones of 100% cotton are 1/2lb with 1530m or 1680yds. For a balanced weave we'd recommend a 16-20 epi. For twill 21-27 epi works well. Cotton can be used for everything from household textiles to shawls. Use cotton as a weft with a wool or silk warp-faced fabric for a lovely scarf or shawl.

As with all yarns experiment, play, and swatch.

Cotton is available by special order in 2/16, 4/8, 8/8, 16/8 (mop), and bouclé. Please email Samantha for more information.

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