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Book-size Charkha

Book size Charkha from India, made in the Gandhi ashram.

This Charkha has been tuned. This means that it has been converted from the orignal rustic Charkha to a much easier Charkha to use this way. The drive bands have been replaced. It has been sanded and polished. Some aspects have been loosened and or tightened. It is wonderful to use.

The Charkha comes with 3 spindles, a skein winder, and a new band set.

As our gift to you we are starting you off with approx. 4 oz of Organic Cotton. It is in the Pencil roving to help you get aquantied with your new Charkha. It is differnet than spinning our other Cottons, so be sure to get some of those as well.  

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