Cords for Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Needles

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Cords for Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Needles
Available in a variety of sizes: 16", 20", 32", 40", 47", 60"

Set of One Cord, Two-End Caps, & One Cable Key packed in a clear pouch.Knitter's Pride Logo

Resilient, flexible cords lay flat, with no kink or twist and are easy to store. The smooth join enables stitches to slide around needles effortless.

Long threaded screw-in “join” insures that cord and needles stay connected. Tightening hole provided in the metal join for extra secure tightening. Specially designed “key” facilitates effortless tightening and removing of the cable.

End caps easily fit on the cord and keep knitting safe when you have multiple projects, on the go, using the same size interchangeable needle tip.

They are availble in a variety of sizes: 16" (40cm), 20" (50 cm), 32" (80 cm), 40" (100 cm), 47" (120 cm), & 60" (150 cm).

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