Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel

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  • Manufacturer: Ashford Spinning Wheels & Looms
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Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel
Double Drive & Scotch Tension (Lacquered)

The Elizabeth 2 is truly a fairytale wheel with a classic design. This beautifully crafted wheel now has a large 61cm (24ins) wheel with 12 spokes mounted on ball bearings for smooth effortless spinning. Horizontal adjustment of the maiden bar allows perfect alignment with the 3 speed whorl. The maiden bar clamps to the base to eliminate vibration. 

This Double drive wheel produces a fine, firm-twist yarn particularly suited for fine wools and exotic fibre. One adjustment controls both drive band and bobbin take-up. Easily converted to single drive or bobbin lead. The treadle is pivoted for a comfortable heel-toe action.


  • Wheel diameter 61cm (24ins) Orifice 1cm (⅜ins)
  • Bobbin capacity approx. 100gm (approx. 3 - 4 oz)
  • Ratios 8.5:1, 11:1, 15:1
  • Weight 9kg (20lbs)
  • Lacquered

Included accessories - Lazy Kate, 4 Standard Bobbins, Threading hook, and Learn to spin booklet.

There are three (3) Optional Add-on Kits available for the Elizabeth 2.
Should you wish to purchase one of these with your Elizabeth you will receive them at a reduced price:

1) Double Treadle Kit for the Elizabeth

Easily converts your Elizabeth to a Double Treadle allowing you to start your wheel easily in either direction hands-free. Also improves your posture and balance while spinning.

2) Jumbo Sliding Flyer Hook and Bobbin (Double Drive)

Updates your Elizabeth to lower ratios for plying, thick yarns, and art yarns on a Jumbo Bobbin.
Ratios: 5:1, 5:5:1, 6.5:1.

3) High Speed Double Drive Adapter Kit

You can spin fine yarns comfortably. The higher ratios: 14:1, 17.5:1 and 22.1:1 are bobbin lead.
The kit includes 4 high-speed bobbins and whorl.

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