Eri Silk or Peace Silk Sliver - 95g
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Eri Silk or Peace Silk Sliver - 95g

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Eri Silk Roving 95g

Eri Silk is also known as "Peace Silk" or "non-violent" Silk is much prefered by vegans and monks in India as the moth is allowed to emerge from the cocoon before the silk is harvested. Whereas other silkworms create a solid cocoon, the Eri worm creates a an open-ended cocoon which means they can emerge without causing any further damage to the cocoon. The silk from these cocoons is spun rather than reeled because they are not one continuous thread. This process gives the fiber a "woolly" feel but with the softness of silk. It can also be easily blended with other fibres such as wool or cotton. The thermal properties of this fiber make it ideal for all seasons, warm in winter and cool in summer.

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