Merino & Silk Top (Louet) - 4oz

Fine Dyed Merino & Natural Tussah Silk 4oz
by Louet North America

The ideal introduction to luxury blends, this Louet blend of 80% fine dyed Merino with 20% natural Tussah silk is a real treat to spin.

Both the Merino and the Silk in this blend are top-quality, producing an incredibly broad range of fabulous luxury yarns with a good combination of memory, stitch definition, drape with a subtle sheen only Tussah Silk can provide.

It is well worth the price!

Warning: Louet's Merino/Tussah Silk blend is a highly addictive and one of my favourites to spin.

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1 - 6 of 6 items

If you'd like to purchase more than 4 oz this table will help with conversions and pricing.

Quantity oz/gr  lbs./kg. Price
1 4oz / ≃113 gr 0.25 lb $19.80
2  8oz/ ≃226 gr  0.5 lb $39.60