Natural White Baby Alpaca 4 oz

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  • Manufacturer: Ashford Spinning Wheels & Looms
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100% Natural White Baby Alpaca 4 oz (21.5 micron)
from Ashford Wheels & Looms

Baby Alpaca Fibre is extremely soft, sensuous, and supple. To say that this fibre is luxurious is not good enough. The fibre is slippery, contains drape, and has very little elasticity.

This is a fibre that can do it all: Blend, Dye, Felt, and Spin.

What is the difference between Alpaca and Baby Aplaca?
Baby Alpaca is always the first shearing, while all other shearings are simply call Alpaca. The first shearing is the preferred shearing for many since it is finer and softer than a later shearing.

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