Rigid Heddle & SampleIt Loom Stand

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  • Manufacturer: Ashford Spinning Wheels & Looms
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Rigid Heddle or SampleIt Loom Stand
10", 16", 24", 32", and 48"
(25cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, and 120cm)

A strong and sturdy loom stand is available for all the Rigid Heddle Loom sizes, including the SampleIt sizes. Easy to assemble and attach. There are two handy shelves on the stands for the Rigid Heddle Loom stands. Convenient loom angle and foot rest for comfortable weaving.

Made in solid Silver Beech Hardwood to match your loom.

The SampleIT Loom & SampleIt Loom Stand

Rigid Heddle Loom & Rigid Heddle Loom Stand



10" SampleIt Loom Stand
$ 119.00 
16" SampleIt Loom Stand $131.00
16" Rigid Heddle Loom Stand $ 186.00
24" Rigid Heddle Loom Stand $ 192.00
32" Rigid Heddle Loom Stand $ 197.00
48" Rigid Heddle Loom Stand
 $ 279.00

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