SOAK Wool Wash 3oz
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SOAK Wool Wash 3oz

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  • Manufacturer: Soak
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SOAK Wool Wash 3oz
Made in Canada 

SOAK is a gentle woolwash product available in four (4) fresh fragrances Scentless, Celebration, Fig, Lacey, and Yuzu.

SOAK has been an absolute hit with knitters (and wearers of knitted things), but it has also drawn a following of crafters (like quilters, cross-stitchers alike). As well as with those who hand-wash their clothes. This gentle, fiber-friendly cleanser, formulated for todays sophisticated sensibilities.

SOAK's gentle formulation is perfect for hand-knits, raw fibers, spinning -- even for felting. With contemporary fragrances that smell great, and a no-rinse formulation thats gentle enough for everything from cashmere and wool to cotton and silk. SOAK makes whites white again and keeps unfinished projects from distorting and fraying. 

SOAK is exactly what you have been looking for!

SOAK is also available in 12oz bottles.

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