Symfonie Dreamz Interchangeable Circular Needles

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  • Manufacturer: Knitter's Pride
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Symfonie Dreamz Interchangeable Needles

They come in a range of radiant colours for easy identification and organization. Symfonie Dreamz are made from Laminated Birch making them light weight, strong, and durable. The easy to connect cord has a smooth join that enables easy stitch glide with no snagging. The tapered points make these needles ideal for all yarn weights.

CablesDon't forget to purchase a cable! The cords are flexible, lay flat, and resilient.



Also available are the Symfonie Dreamz Starter Set (3 needle sets & accessories), the Symphonie Dreamz Chunky Set (3 needle sets & accessories), and the Symfonie Dreamz Deluxe Set (9 needle sets & accessories).



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