Warping Sticks

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  • Manufacturer: Ashford Spinning Wheels & Looms
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Cardboard Warping Sticks
Set of 20

Warping Sticks make warping your Rigid Heddle Loom or Knitters Loom easier and more more efficient. These are the same type of sticks that originally came with your loom.

Use them on the first portion of your warp to get a a solid start. Don't forget to put a few on your woven cloth as well. This helps to keep is neat and even as you weave.

They come in a variety of sizes for all the looms so you can buy them for all your project needs. No more having to fiddle with your 32" warping stick when you are making a 12" scarf. You can also own a 13.5" warping stick collection.

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